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Polski arrow Interesting Places arrow Interesting places in Goerlitz arrow Waidhaus
Located near St Peter and Paul church, Waidhaus is one of the oldest lay stone buildings in Goerlitz. Over a time Waidhaus had various functions. In the second half of the 14th century beer was brewed here. After the building had been bought by the town (1425), soldiers in charge of Zgorzelec were accommodated here. In the years 1447-1529, the building housed a Latin school that was later transferred to the building at Kreb-sstrafie. At that time Waidhaus burnt down, but it was rebuilt (1479). At the turn of the 1520s and 1530s a reconstruction combined with raising the building up took place. From around 1530, Waidhaus was used to store madder (German Waid), a plant that was once used to dye fabrics. After 1728, the building also played the role of a cereal granary.

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