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Informacja Turystyczna Zgorzelca. www.it.zgorzelec.pl

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   An old locality, which was granted municipal rights probably in the 1220s. The oldest historical reference to it comes from 1234. In a document from 1268, Sulikow is for the first time mentioned as a town ("civitas"). In the beginning it was a royal town but before the end of the Middle Ages Sulikow came into private hands. After the end of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), many Protestant religious refugees from Czech and Silesia settled in the town and contributed to the heyday of the local production of cloth and linen. From the 17th century, production of messaline, which was named the "Sulikow material" (Schonberger Zeug) after the place of its production, became the speciality of Sulikow. In the second half of the 19th century traditional handicraft declined. Between the18th and 19th centuries Sulikow was a famous resort in the region. In 1948, the locality lost its municipal rights.A very interesting small-town development survived in Sulikow. On Plac Wolnosci (Market Square) there are two Lusatian houses with arcades from the 17th century. The one that stands closer to Zgorzelecka Street was once called the Sharp Corner (Scharfe Ecke). This building was erected after a terrible fire in Sulikow on 24 April 1688. The initials E. P., the bakers' guild sign and the year 1688 ore visible on the console on the street side. The estate was built by Ellas Prietzel, the representative of a famous bakers' family from Sulikaw. In the 19th and 20th centuries, there was an inn here. Neor the market square there is the magnificent Holy Cross church that dominates the town's landscape. There was a local wooden church os early as in 1234. The form of the contemporary church appeared after the fire in 1688. The Baroque furnishings of the temple were preserved.

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