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An old village on the Nysa Luzycka River of Slavonic origin. Its name originates from Radomir. On 2 June 1249, Czech King Voclav I stayed in Radomierzyce and issued a document here. The oldest reference to the locality- Rademariz - appears in this document.In the south-western part of the village, on the left shore of Witki Lake, a monumental Baroque palace is situated, one of the most beautiful in Upper Lusatia. It was built by the local landowner Joachim Sigmund von Zie-gler-Klipphausen, a chamberlain and supervisor of royal palaces, in the years 1713-1728. The palace of Radomierzyce is situated on an island surrounded by a moot. It is a three-storeyed building of a C plane, flanked by two side wings. It is covered by a high mansard gable roof. The main facade with a three-axial break is crowned by a tympanum. For construction of the palace, von Ziegler employed the most eminent Saxon architects and artists, for example, J.F. Karcher, M. D. Pb'p-pelmonn, K. Beyer, J. Bahr, J. K. Kirchner and J. J. Rousseau. The palace of Radomierzyce has never been a typical lordly residence. According to the will of Joachim Sigmund von Ziegler who died in 1734, his extensive properties and palace became the possession of "a free Evangelical secular and noble school for maidens" named Joachimstein after its founder. The palace was the headquarters of the foundation until 1945. After the Second World War the building often changed hands and year after year it fell into bigger and bigger ruin. In 1999, the palace of Radomierzyce was acquired by Marek Glowacki, the manager of GERDA company, who started the reconstruction of the palace which continues to this day. In addition, in the village there is St Peter and Paul church built in 1698-1713. When building the church, von Ziegler consulted famous architects from Dresden - Christoph Beyer and Mathew Daniel Poppelmann. Near the church there is a Baroque mausoleum of the foundation ladies from 1732 and a gravestone of the knight von Lossow (d. in 1313), which is regarded as the oldest dated knight's gravestone in Upper Lusatio. In 2003, a border crossing was opened in Radomierzyce.

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