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Informacja Turystyczna Zgorzelca. www.it.zgorzelec.pl

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 A foundation from Georg Emerich (1422-1507), the mayor of Zgorzelec, who made a pilgrimage to Christ's Sepulchre in Jerusalem in the 1460s to atone for his sins committed in early life. Drawings made in Jerusalem enabled Emerich to build a faithful copy of Christ's Sepulchre in Zgorzelec. The local Calvary was made in 1481-1505. It incorporates Holy Cross chapel, Holy Sepulchre chapel, an anointment chapel where one can see a sculpture of Mary leaning over the body of Jesus (probably the work by Hans Olmutzer) and the Stations of the Cross. Famous builders worked on it. Those were Conrad Pfliiger, Urban Laubonisch and Btazej Borer. The Holy Sepulchre in Zgorzelec arose high interest in the past, which we can confirm on the basis of diaries and letters of travellers (also from Poland) who visited the town. In 1598, o Holy Sepulchre chapel was created in Zagan and it was patterned after the replica from Zgorzelec. In 1731, August the Strong, the ruler of Saxony and Poland, ordered a Calvary built in Ujazdow near Warsaw on the model of the copy of the Holy Sepulchre endowed by Emerich.

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