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Although it is only 419.5 m above sea level, Landeskrone, the most beautiful mount in the vicinity of Goerlitz, is visible from very far away. This basalt volcanic cone (the mount was formed 30 million years ago) is now overgrown with beech forests, wet-ground forests and artificial spruce forest. We can observe in the very rich undergrowth on the mountain slopes, among other things, hepatica (Hepatico nobilis), sweet woodruff (Golium odo-ratum), yellow wood anemone (Anemone ranunculoides), European wild ginger (Asarum europoeum) and the greatest rarity in this part of Lusatia - cuckoopint (Arum macula-turn). A fauna oddity of this region is common dormice (Muscardinus avellanarius), a beautiful rodent from the dormice family. Because of its natural values, in 1940 a nature reserve wos established on Landeskrone.On the basis of archaeological findings we can affirm that the mount was already inhabited in prehistoric times. There were surely human settlements on its top in the Bronze Age. In the eorly Middle Ages, there was the most important town of the Biesniczanie (Biezunczanie) tribe in this place, which was mentioned by the Bavarian Geographer in the 9th century. That town, known then as "Businc", ployed an important role during the wars between Poland and Germany in 1003-1018. A German chronicler Thietmor says that in 1015 Czech Prince Udalryk, as an ally of the German king, "seized a great town called Businc and took captive of at least a thousand men beside women and children, after which he burnt it down and returned home as a victor". The sources mention "Costrum Landischrone" in 1268. At that time the castle probably belonged to the von Landeskrones. Before 1357 the stronghold became the property of the Bibersteins from Frydlant. The Czech magnates transferred the Landeskrone castle to their vossals - the von Hobergs, the von Gersdorfs and the von Hellers. In the years 1437-1439 the lord of the castle was Jan I, the Zagan prince. The burghers of Zgorzelec made use of his death. Afraid that the local large and stately castle would be converted into a nest of highwaymen, the burghers bought Landeskrone from Jan's heirs (1440). The castle's stone stronghold wos soon levelled to the ground. In 1796, on the initiative of K.A. von Meyer zu Knonow a view tower was raised on the top of the mount and in 1863 o magnificent restaurant was opened. At present it is o popular excursion place. When the skies are clear on Landeskrone one can admire the ranges of the Zittau mountains (Zittauer Gebirge), Gory Izerskie and Karkonosze.

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